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Beyond Boundary Productions produces award-winning creative and branded content that has been recognized throughout the industry. Take a look at just a few of our most recent awards below!

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  • "Best Drama" Florence Film Awards

  • "Best Director Short Film" "Best VFX" Hollywood Gold Awards

  • "Best Original Story" New York Film Awards

  • "Best Original Idea" "Best Short" Top Indie Film Awards

  • "Best Canadian Narrative Short" Montreal Independent Film Festival


  • "Best Original Story" "Best Director" "Best Indie Short" "Best Ensemble" Independent Shorts Awards

  • "Best Editing" Florence Film Awards

  • "Best Original Idea" Top Indie Film Awards

  • "Best Screenplay" "2nd Best of the Fest" Feel The Reel International Film Festival 


  • "Best Short" Hollywood Film Competition 

  • "Best Short Film" LA Shorts Awards 

  •  "Special Jury Prize" Canada International Film Festival 

  • "Best Short Film" NYC Indie Film Awards

  • "Award of Commendation" Canada Shorts Film Festival

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